010.1: Vis Is Real

Oh man, my blog readers (by which I mean Kate; hi!!!), I have been neglecting you. I'm still a bit behind so I am trying to just power through the paper so I can give it a good once-over before Thanksgiving comes and it goes to spend the holiday with Writing Aunt Liz and all the other little papers.

In my focus though, I forgot to let you know the visualizations are real and living in the test app. Check out these sweet screens. (And notice that I am no longer naming the groupings but instead just going for Compound.)

My choices for the final designs were this set, but as you can see they are a bit different from the shots.

Some of it is just because the data is different; however, they are also different because it turns out it wasn't possible to get React Native to render the views as designed. React Native has not implemented SVG. There is a library, react-native-svg, which I was using for the buttons that I thought replaced the functionality, so it was full steam ahead — until, it turns out, the library doesn't implement all off SVG: no <pattern>, no links to images. These were things I needed.

And so, I had to create a complicated manual patten generation process in which I created the textures at different sizes, converted them to pngs, uploaded the pngs to Sketch where I used them as patterns for various geometric shapes and then added those shapes to the app where they can be composited on one another. They are definitely not production-quality, but this is a prototype, right?

The ideal solution would be to implement the missing spec myself or to change the visualizations. but I am committed to this aesthetic and to finishing this project this semester, so this may be the big compromise of the project for now. Any extra time, particularly over the holidays, will go to refining these views.