010.3: Midterm Reflection Questions

MIDTERM REFLECTION Please answer the following questions on your process web site to discuss further at your midterm review:

Where are you in your writing process? How much is left to accomplish before the end of November (use your outline as a guide)?

I’ve finished the theory, history, and goals sections (§§ 2, 3, 4, and 6) and have the project sections (§§ 5 and 7) left, plus the introduction and conclusion. These sections should go faster, because they are less about research and spinning an argument and more about what I have done. My goal is to have this done by Sunday November 13 so I can spend a week revising before sending it off to Liz.

How is your project developing? What is left to do for the final version? What is your timeline (be specific)?

My project is in a state where it could be presented tomorrow, if need be. I would like to create another hardware iteration, with the bean inside the object, and if the paper editing and presentation writing goes smoothly, I may just have time to do it in the last two weeks leading up to my defense.

For this iteration, I would recut the PCB I have been using inside the object to include a notch for the bean, so they don’t have to be stacked. I would then mill one more mold for plaster at the final dimensions, including the charging chip. If I do not have time for both, I may make a time-limited, un-rechargable version of the object for the demo. This could make use of existing molds.

How will you demonstrate your thesis statement with your research/practice/project in your defense?

I have no idea. I know the documentation deliverables ask for a film of someone using the object if you make an object, but film is really not my thing. Arlene suggested doing a collection of stills with subtitles or diegetic notes, so I may go that way. I may also just tell the story myself as part of the presentation (half background / half how-it-works). I plan to write the presentation over Thanksgiving, while Liz is reviewing the paper.

Who are you and your thesis advisor considering as your external examiner?

Nick Montfort has agreed to be my external advisor.