008.2: Goals of the Object & Some Vis Explorations


I've now finished the first draft of section III, which covers the goal of the object. This was a little easier than the previous sections as it draws substantially on the pre-thesis version of the paper, though I have reworked the first section ("The object must be real"), splitting into two sections covering separate aspects of the real that had been conflated previously.

Section III draft.

I still have two more theoretical sections left: IIa, which covers the history and current state of information, and IV, which will cover Proust and Shattuck's theories of the stereoptical and make the case for the content of the project. Then I'll have the two project explanation & reflection sections, and the intro and conclusion. IIa and this intro will also be susbtantially pulled from the previous paper.


I've also taken the next steps in designing the app — the last design part of the project, really — and pulled together some data-driven examples of concordance views.

First I pulled together a palette that goes with O/t, instead of using one I had laying around.

Colors on the right are seafoams in use in the app; on the left are visualization colors, plus the seafoam for comparison.

In my original tests, I found the was effect very moving for a concordance. It gives the feeling of a thing and of grouped elements with a sense of meditation as well. I tested these with selected groupings for concordances with one, two, and three inputs to see how things looked.


I'm pretty happy with these but may also attempt some blown-up texture style views for comparison. Also on deck are individual moment views.