003.6: Weekly Wrapup

Meeting With Nick

Another character has been added to my thesis menagerie: Nick Montfort will serve as my external adviser. We met on Friday and chatted a little about the project. Key points include:

  • Consider the metaphor of memory that are being deployed. To call the groupings concordances is to imply that memory is a book. But If in discussion, salience seems to be most important, is that the correct metaphor?


  • A compressed test condition may make pre-seeding unnecessary. For instance, a vacation is a time that people often attempt to remember with intention, and so testing on a trip might be enlightening. 

From these I also take away that I need to be sure to define terms for memory and what the object is doing even more strictly. For the vacation suggestion implies and understanding that this is about willful saving as opposed to marking moments of memory experience. At the same time, it might still be useful to have a compressed time to compare to the everyday test.

I also realized I would benefit from making a rubric of the attributes of an invested object to use as a decision-making aid when I design, code and test.

New Bean & Container

The backup Bean arrived and today Wes is printing me a little box for testing. I need to start testing on or around October 7, so I need to get cracking on finishing up the GPS code and pre-seeding memories if I decide to continue on with that.

Coming Up

This coming week, I will finish outlining the paper and as a result have a list of reading that I know I need to complete. I won't really stop reading, since I find all of this too interesting, but I do think it is important to distinguish between what I must finish and what I want to finish.

I also need to finish the GPS-related code as mentioned above and outline the functionality I must have for the test, so I can be sure it is all in place. Since I need to make a new mold and get new wax for that, I may end up testing one object for two weeks and then a refined version for two weeks following. I should also take some time to pour plaster on a microcontroller I don't care about.

Better get cracking.