002.3: Planning & Accountability

The last two days have been all about really getting a structure set up for this thesis. It's definitely the largest project for which I have sole responsibility, so I need to be on top of all the elements. I first created a mind map of all the sections of the project, mixing statuses and questions I have and then created a Trello team for Marijke and I and my own Trello board. (All those years working at startups have really made agile-type categories second nature.)

Marijke and I also had our first accountability chat last night. Since she is in LA, we will be doing one text chat and one video chat a week. We reviewed what we've done — sharing our Evernotes and Trello boards, reading one another's status documents, etc. Marijke put together some questions for us to answer about our feelings around the project. They are pretty great:

  1. What parts of your thesis do you feel the most confident about? 
  2. What parts of your thesis do you feel the most unsure about? 
  3. What helps you work through ideas? 
  4. What helps you get stuff done? 
  5. What is a sign that you are struggling with something? 
  6. What do you struggle with the most in writing/project management? 

 I think I will do them this weekend.

Today, I am meeting with Arlene (my advisor) and then doing my alpha presentation in class. More soon!