002.1: The Bug Endures

Spent the morning adapting the working Bean LED blink tutorial into a React Native project in a quest to slowly define the location of the Bean bug. It is now clear that the issue lies somewhere in the interaction between Objective-C/Swift and React Native. When the code is no longer part of a straight iOS app, for some reason the buffer doesn't send out the message. Wes did a little research and thinks that it may have to do with how the threads are allocated. The next step is to pursue this line of inquiry.

At some point, I am going to need to work around this bug and release those energies to other parts of the project. Right now, I am thinking as a plan B I can load the acceleration, temperature, and time of day trigger parameters into the Bean manually and then it can trigger itself without needing a message from the phone app. It isn't ideal, but drawing the triggers away to be only slowly updated does rhyme well with the notion of oubli as outlined in Shattuck: namely, the idea that a moment must be forgotten before it can be recognized. This would be a systemic forcing of delay, which is also a lovely way of playing with Ellen Ullman's idea that we soon come to behave as the system would prefer.

Given all that, I am thinking now this delay would be right to work into the app even if I can get Bluetooth to work; but at least I am slowly planning for a way to not get too bogged down whatever I do about delay.