011: User Testing Outline


The title in this case is rather a misnomer, since this project has been conceived in opposition to the standard user-driven model, with its confusion of popularity with usefulness for the owner and its capital-driven notions of product. After all, it is not likely one would be able to develop an object relationship that goes against the current grain by using the techniques that support the status quo.  

Therefore the goal of this questionnaire is not to test the usability of an investable object or to elicit product requirements but to determine how far my conceptions of memory objects is from others' and perhaps to look for inspiration in their descriptions. A secondary point of interested is how obsessed with the past people with lovable objects are.


I elected to have the audience self-select themselves from among my Twitter followers and extended social group. Since I am not looking for the standard demographized group approach, the only salient qualification is that a respondent have an object they love. 


As I mentioned last week, the questionnaire can be found here. I am content with the results, with the caveat that should I do it again, I would encourage respondents to write more.

Further Data Collection

Since I am interested in a personal collection, I have also been tracking my own inflection moments, that is times that the object would be used to "save," as well as creating a personal interview to elicit my own user needs in a more explicit form.