010: System 2: User Journey & Aspect 3: Further Materials Testing

User Journey

A slightly zoomed in look at a possible interaction as compared to last week. Though this has been in the back of my mind the whole time as a possible interaction, I am still a little hesitant to put it down. I think I know it will change and morph as I go and, and so I don't want to seem to be sticking down a flag too soon. I am also concerned it seems a little thin and even worse, I have not really come up with a solid feeling for how to avoid making the interaction seem like work.* But, to get it out of my head and down ...

saving a moment


interacting with your moments in the app

* One hopeful vector is that I notice as I work on my very personal user research is that being on the lookout for these moments makes wanting to save them less onerous.

Materials Testing

More materials tests as I investigate larger plaster medallions and mixing the plaster with cotton and wood glue. Despite following experiments from the web, glue appears to separate out too much and hurt the integrity of the plaster. I am not sure the feel is pleasant either. Cotton seems to clump but I think I would like to continue experimenting with smaller fibers and more careful mixing. There are also other materials to consider: resin and concrete both remain possible.



I also made a survey form for people to tell me about objects they love. It lives here.