011.2: Weekly Update

This week has continued to be all about the paper. I did a first pass on all the sections and pulled together the figures, then sent things out for Kate, Liz, and Arlene to review on Wednesday. I also uploaded it to TurnItIn and, as I expected, only actual quotes were flagged as coming from other works. So that's chill; I am not even an accidental plagiarist.  

Current draft | Current images

I also pulled together my front matter, including the vita, acknowledgements, and abstract. (The latter has also been added to the About the Project page.) I am planning to include a short and long table of contents and the list of figures reflects the current state of the paper. I expect it will change but I am working to get all the paper stuff to a place where it will just need touchups to be sent out next Friday. (Which is OMG SO SOON.)

Front matter | Long-form TOC

Finally, I spent a little more time in code and added a page for the Bean to the app. This way I can connect / disconnect, buzz, and see the battery info from the application itself.

And that's about it. Next week I am presenting my mock defense, so I need to get on that presentation and I need to pull together all the material for the appendices, plus do another paper draft. So, uh, very relaxing.