004.2: Weekly Update 🌴

Hello buddies and mostly Kate β€” here's a short update from the week.


On Friday I met with Liz to review my outline. The meeting got me extra psyched to write again β€” Liz is interested in the topic and being able to spend more than a ten-minute slide show talking about my work was really something I needed. It's hard to spend all this time going deep into an idea and then mostly being the only one who is into it as much as you are. But Liz wanted to talk about it a bunch and that was great.

The biggest suggestion she gave was to think about how I want to signpost readers as they make their way through the paper. I don't want to have super literal chunks and she is supportive of that, so it will be about playing with conventions to give people an idea of what's coming next and making the structure slightly more explicit.

I also realized when talking to Liz what a huge effect this Ideo RFID turntable had on me when I came across it six years ago. In many ways it is still my platonic ideal of technology improving life and keeping the awesome ambiguities of analog alive while changing formats. So much of my work is based in this, but it had retreated into the mists of my mind until this meeting. So it will definitely be making an appearance in the paper.


I've been focusing my reading on methodology this last week, and finally, after talking to Liz, I moved some more books on my to-do list into the futures stack. Which is good, because lately I've been stuck on The Enthnogrpahic I, an autoethnography written to teach and explain autoethnography. Though I am interested very much in the ideas, I have already discovered the pitfalls of autoethnography β€” if you can't stand the writer it can be hard to pull the insights out of the way they've chosen to put themselves in the piece. Still I soldier on.


I am aiming to start the first test of the OubliΓ©/trouvΓ© system at the end of the week, so I am finishing up coding the moment capture and sorting. Today I wrote the code that grabs the location and elevation and then calls out to the weather API. All that's left now is writing the sorting code, which I will take care of tomorrow. I need to be sure this stays very flexible because I know I will want to mess with the groupings and expand them, and as time gets tighter, I shouldn't be fighting myself. Then I will need to figure out getting a standalone version loaded on my phone; for now I have been using a tethered build. This will involve fighting with Xcode I'm sure, so yay. I've been avoiding updating to iOS 10 just to ward off complications. I can have a new operating system for Christmas.


And finally in my quest to test the limits of microcontrollers, I have placed something cheaper than the Bean in a cup of plaster to see if it still works. Guess we'll find out in the morning.