012: On Combining Phases 1 & 2

I began by being unsure where my phase 1 talisman project and phase 2 paper overlap, except perhaps in the fact that by creating the talismans I am living the life of a woman creating a product she wants with access to a domesticated machine. And while that is super awesome, I am not sure I can present myself on the last day, saying "Here I am, my very own project!" 

After chatting in class and with friends, however, I have two speculative design projects I could choose from to unite these projects:

  1. To imagine what a full multi-use personal machine, of the type suggested towards the end of the paper might look like, given my experience using the CNC, or
  2. Creating a personal talisman kit, as an example of the type of small-scale object documentation that would be possible in the imagined future of domesticated machines.

Since the latter is something I have also considered as a part of my thesis — the ability to let people create their own investable objects — I think it will be what I pursue for the final phase.