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Describe what you want to make

I want to make a spare, chill, data-infused set of geometric images that work as great ambient pieces that wouldn’t look out of place in a mid-century modern apartment and would reward a prolonged gaze. (In the case of this draft, the cycle is ~50s but with a staggered fade, each cycle should be slightly different. With further work, the series will have an even denser set of layers and interactions.) 

The series will bring the outside in two ways: in a callback to print techniques with the halftone texture and in using data to generate the images. Using amplified half-toning is a way to play with the differences between the mediums. It is an unnecessary technique, since screens can show any hue within a large spectrum without the ink/pass restrictions of printing. And of course by blowing up the dot-size it works against the illusion the technique is meant to be going for, that of a unified color

At the same time, the work will be created using data points from the outside world to generate the image on the screen. The draft here is based on data from a user survey I ran as part of my thesis (for more detail); for the rest of the series, I would like to include both personal and general data sets such as the changes in excerpts used in the Norton American Literature series and changes in my elevation over the course of a month.

As with previous projects I have done, the data will be hand-gathered and transformed before being turned into an image via Javascript. 

Mapping data and sketching another possible layout.

Colors & shapes.

Concept sketch without data.